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​Q. Does your price include all the serving amenities and clean up?

A:Yes, the price quote includes all the spoons, cups, and napkins as well as 
           trash cans (if needed) and trash bags.

Q:Do you serve our guests or do they serve themselves?

A:We serve your guests individually, and we can do that efficiently.

Q:For large events, do you supply enough servers to complete the event on

A:Yes, we ensure there will be enough servers to compete your event on 

Q:Can you supply references before we sign the contract?

A:Three local references may be furnished upon request.

Q:How long do you arrive before an event?

A:We arrive one hour before an event. We always give a consultation and 
           walk-thru before to ensure that the event goes smoothly.

Q:Are the owners always present at the event?

A:Yes, the owners are always present at every event.

Q:How much space is required to be provided for your serving units?

A:Six feet is required to allow for the Party Scoop serving units. For larger
           events, nine feet of space is required for the serving units.